Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Map is Offline


After every action in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Maps module, the map switches to the whole world view and displays message Map is Offline. This lasts for 1-2 seconds after which maps goes back to a normal operation until the next user action.


Update (July 2017): Adobe released updates CC2015.12 and 6.12 that fixes this issue. Users of older, unsupported versions of Lightroom may be out of luck though...

As of now there is no resolution. Adobe acknowledged the bug and are working on a resolution. This seems to affect both, up to date and older versions of Lightroom, so it probably was caused by a server side change on either Adobe's or Google's end. I couldn't find any detailed explanation at this point, only that Adobe are looking into this...

20 June 2017
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.10.1
Windows 10


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