Had a small issue trying to install Windows 7 Pro on DELL Latitude E5430 laptop that originally came with Windows 8. Using DELL original Windows 7 Pro installation DVD.

First issue was that Windows 7 Pro installation DVD would not boot. This one was easy to resolve. Simply load DELL BIOS and disable Secure Boot feature.

DELL Secure Boot

After this Windows 7 installation would boot from a DVD, load some files and then got stuck on Starting Windows logo. This one was resolved by enabling Legacy Boot option. On DELL Latitude E5430 this can be done following way:

  • As soon as DELL logo appears press F12 to load a Boot Menu
  • In the Boot Menu choose the last option - Change Boot Mode Settings
  • In next screen choose option - Legacy Boot Mode, Secure Boot OFF
    Legacy Boot Mode, Secure Boot OFF
  • Confirm changes on the last screen
  • After this computer reboots and Windows installation should work fine

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