Uninstall software via Group Policy / Script

To uninstall Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) based software remotely you can use a start-up script with MsiExec.exe command.

  • First of all find out your software package ID number. There are number of way to do this. I normally use NEWT Professional for this purpose. There is a free version with limit of 25 machines 
    NEWT® Professional v2.5 - Software

  • Then create a .bat script with a single line of code:
    MsiExec.exe /X{AB77CA86-7BD7-1043-7B14-AA1000000211} /norestart /qn
    Where {AB77CA86-7BD7-1043-7B14-AA1000000211} - package ID number you found in step 1.
  • Deploy the script as a start-up script via Group Policy.



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