Cannot create a Windows Storage Spaces Pool. The following error is displayed:

Create a Storage Pool - Can't create the pool

Create a Storage Pool
Can't create the pool
Check the drive connections and then try again.
The physical disk's sector size is not supported by the storage pool. (0x80E70004)


You would think the error message is pretty clear and the issue is caused by an incompatible disk's sector size. However, after wasting some time trying to change the sector size and some further investigation it appeared that the error is completely misleading. The actual cause was the disk's CanPool property being set to False. For disks to be accepted into a Storage Spaces Pool, CanPool property has to be True.

  • Open PowerShell as administrator.
  • Run  Get-PhysicalDisk
  • Note if the affected disks have CanPool set to False.
  • Run  Get-PhysicalDisk | Select FriendlyName, UniqueId and copy UniqueId values for all affected disks.
  • For all affected disks run  Reset-PhysicalDisk -UniqueId [id_from_previous_step]
  • Run  Get-PhysicalDisk to make sure CanPool is now set to True.
  • Try adding the disks to Storage Pool again.

June 2023
Windows 11 Pro (22H2)


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