A user can no longer sign into Microsoft Teams and OneDrive apps in Windows 10. After entering the username the apps try to load, then pop an error saying that something went wrong without ever prompting for a password.

A came across this issue a few times before and normally the resolution is to remove the affected Microsoft Office 365 account from Windows Settings > Accounts > Access work or school. In this particular case, however, as soon as the account was removed it would immediately re-appear again. 

Access work or school




One possible solution I found online was to rename the following folder: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin... and reboot the PC.


I could not rename the folder immediately because it was locked so I did a quick reboot. After this, I tried removing the affected Microsoft account in Windows Settings > Accounts > Access work or school and this time it went away without any issues. In turn, the Teams and OneDrive issue was fixed as well.

So, I did not have a chance to try the renaming AAD.BrokerPlugin... folder solution. Just leaving this here in case someone comes across a similar issue and a simple reboot doesn't help.

May 2023
Windows 10 Home (22H2)
Microsoft Office 365

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