Epson ET-4850

I was recently setting up Epson ET-4850 EcoTank Printer/Scanner and found that it cannot scan directly to a network share on a PC or a NAS device. This is quite disappointing as the printer is quite expensive and in my experience scanning to a network share is normally the most reliable method when it's properly set up.

One workaround is to set up scanning to a OneDrive folder via EpsonConnect. Obviously, this relies on the Internet connection and Epson services being available. Another option is scanning to a PC via Epson Scan software. There is also the WSD method, but I didn't go there...

To scan using Epson ET-4850 when the scan is initiated from a PC, all you need is Epson Scan 2 software that can be downloaded from the Epson Support website.

Epson ET-4850 Screen

However, if you want to initiate the scan from the printer itself (Scan > Computer), you need three different software packages:

  • Epson Scan 2
  • Epson Event Manager
  • Epson Smart Scan

Epson Scan 2  and Epson Event Manager can be downloaded from the same Epson Support page. For some reason, it doesn't contain Epson Smart Scan, which can be downloaded from here.

Once all three pieces of software are installed, the Epson device should list the PC under Scan > Computer menu. If it doesn't, you may need to tap Serch Again.

Epson ET-4850 Screen - Search Again

Epson Event Manager runs on a PC as a service, so you don't have to launch it manually. There is not much to configure in there, apart from the PC name that will appear on the Epson device screen. If you have multiple user accounts on your PC, you can configure differently PC names and different scan settings for each account.

Epson Event Manager

Default scan settings need to be configured via Epson Smart Scan software.

Epson Smart Scan

On a related note, if you need to log in to Epson ET-4850 web management GUI, the administrator password is the printer's serial number.

Epson ET-4850 Web GUI

March 2022
Epson ET-4850
Windows 11 Pro (21H2)



  • Same here. I was surprised that SMB Scan is not possible. Every printer I configured ever was able to scan in a network drive. 

  • Epson Scan2 Software is not supported by Windows 64bit  OS (so I have been told by Epson).  I have Windows 11 64 bit OS, and can not get Scan2 or Event Monitor to work with my Epson ET-4850 printer/fax/scanner

    After screwing around with it for about 1 week, I finally went on the Internet and found Open source scanning software and VIOLA, the scanner works fine. So my advice to anyone having problems with Scan2 or Event Manager is to delete them from your system and get something like NAPS2 software, its freeware, but you can donate ( I am going to donate because  it WORKS!!! does PDF, OCR, Feeder or single sheet, has automatic previewing and is reasonably fastk). 

    Just search Google and off you go, your frustration disappears!!

    OH, by the way I really like the Epson ET-4850 tank printer!! but their software and support is crap... IN my opinion.


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