Add second VLAN on Netgear GD724T Switch

This simple setup allows to split one Netgear GD724T 24 port switch into two 12 port VLANs so that it can serve 2 independent network segments / subsets.

  • Login to the Netgear switch management web interface.
  • Go to Switching > VLAN > Basic > VLAN Configuration

SonicWall Content Filter doesn't block Youtube on Google Chrome (QUIC)


SonicWall Content Filter is setup to allow all web access during lunch break time, but block all non-work related websites for the rest of the day. Mostly this works as expected, but some users are able to access Youtube during work hours. This only affects users on Google Chrome browser. Users on Internet Explorer and Firefox are blocked from Youtube correctly as per schedule. What seems to be happening is that once a user accesses Youtube during lunch time, he or she can continue accessing Youtube indefinitely until browser cache is cleared. Restarting Google Chrome, or even computer itself doesn't seem to make any difference.

Exchange Online - Move emails sent to alias to another folder


Creating an inbox rule in Office 365 / Exchange Online that moves emails sent to user's alias to a subfolder inside inbox. Standard rule <The message was sent to 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'> doesn't work as intended. When saving the rule, Microsoft Exchange resolves the alias into primary user's email address. This results into all emails being moved to the subfolder, not only those that were sent to the alias.


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