Website goes dark on mouse click in IE


A website goes dark is user clicks anywhere on the web page. Only affects Internet Explorer 9 users (IE 10 maybe affected as well, but it is still in beta haven't been tested).


Website used Lightbox 2 to display images (v2.04). It seems that this version is not compatible with IE9. The dimming effect is supposed to darken the website only when a pop-up lighbox image is displayed, however, in IE 9 it was dimming whole website after clicking anywhere on any page, even without images at all.

Joomla - Increase search box limit

By default Joomla allows to enter only 20 characters in the search box. This can be changed by a simple core hack. Be aware that any changes to Joomla core files can be overwritten by a Joomla update.

Open file: /public_html/_sites_/mysysadmintips_2/language/en-GB/en-GB.localise.php

en-GB part may be different for you (depending on Joomla language)

Edit or remove "Powered by Phoca Guestbook" back-link

As many other free Joomla extensions Phoca Guestbook adds a credit backlink to the footer of your website. You can make a small donation to get the link removed by the Phoca developers.

As extension is released under GPL license nobody prevents you from making the changes yourself. Quite often such backlinks are too obtrusive and you may want to make font smaller or change colours to blend-in better with website's design. Obviously nobody prevents you from removing back-links completely (a small donation to the author would be a nice gesture though).


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