Add www to all URL's on Apach website (.htaccess mod_rewrite)

Following rewrite rule will add www to all URL's on your website in case a visitor didn't type www or followed a link without www. Add this to your .htaccess file:

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [l,r=301,nc]

HTML paragraph double spacing in Internet Explorer

Spacing between lines separated by Paragraph tag <p></p> is much wider in Internet Explorer (comparing to Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

Resolved by adding following code to .css file:

p {
     margin:  0 0 1em 0;
     padding:  0;


Website goes dark on mouse click in IE


A website goes dark is user clicks anywhere on the web page. Only affects Internet Explorer 9 users (IE 10 maybe affected as well, but it is still in beta haven't been tested).


Website used Lightbox 2 to display images (v2.04). It seems that this version is not compatible with IE9. The dimming effect is supposed to darken the website only when a pop-up lighbox image is displayed, however, in IE 9 it was dimming whole website after clicking anywhere on any page, even without images at all.


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