Change default web site in Plesk

Default web site will launch when Apache cannot match the domain name user requested with one of the hosted domains.

To change the default web site in Plesk:

  • Tools and Settings > IP Addresses
  • Click on your IP Address
  • Select a site from the Default site list that you want to be your default
  • If you select None, Apache will load site located in /var/www/vhosts/default 

Comparing Cisco WDS Bridge and WorkGroup Bridge modes

I recently had a small job to configure few Cisco WAP121 wireless access points for a client to be used as Wi-Fi extenders. On WAP121 this can be done in two ways - "WDS Bridge" and "WorkGroup Bridge". 

WorkGroup Bridge is more or less standard Wi-Fi Repeating mode that is widely available on many routers and access points. It works on layer 3 and connects to a host WiFi access point using SSID and password as any other client. This allows to configure WiFi extenders without having admin access to the host router.

WDS Bridge is less common and less standardised mode that works on level 2. Both host and client access points need to be configured by entering each other's MAC addresses and optional security details. Because of lack of standards I wouldn't suggest using WDS on access points from different manufacturers. This method doesn't use SSIDs at all so they can be configured independently from WDS setup.

WorkGroup Bridge (Wi-Fi Repeater) mode doesn't work on Cisco WAP121


Cisco WAP121 Wi-Fi access points do not work properly as wireless repeaters (extending signal from a Hitron cable modem/router). WAP121 actually establishes connection to the main router and can be used as a bridge for wired clients. However, as soon as you try to enable Access Point Interface, connection to the main router drops...

Cisco calls this WiFi repeater mode "WorkGroup Bridge".

Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect...


A website throws following pop-up messages on every singe page:

 Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect. Clear browser cache and try again. If the problem persists please contacts website author.


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