apache_request_headers() - Call to undefined function apache_request_headers()


After moving PHP application to 1&1 CentOS 7 VPS server PHP function apache_request_headers() stopped working.

With PHP display_errors set to On, following error is displayed: Call to undefined function apache_request_headers()

With display_errors set to Off, it simply throws: 500 Internal Server Error

WordPress Admin - Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page


After moving a WordPress blog to a new server admin user can no longer access admin control panel. The same user can login to the website front-end with no issues, but as soon as he tries to access wp-admin page following error is displayed:

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

WordPress XCloner backup creates 2kb .tar backup file


XCloner Backup processes WordPress site backup without any errors but produces only a tiny 2KB .tar archive with a single file inside (administrator\backups\index.html). The strange thing is that XCloner backup log shows that thousands of files were detected and processed.

Change default web site in Plesk

Default web site will launch when Apache cannot match the domain name user requested with one of the hosted domains.

To change the default web site in Plesk:

  • Tools and Settings > IP Addresses
  • Click on your IP Address
  • Select a site from the Default site list that you want to be your default
  • If you select None, Apache will load site located in /var/www/vhosts/default 


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