Not possible to disable CAPTCHA for Public user group in Settings > Permissions > Public (JComments 3.0.0). After saving the changes "Enable CAPTCHA" check-box gets checked again.


The issue is a bug confirmed by JComments developer "smart" here.



Until fixed version is released this can be fixed by editing file:

On line 169, after code:

if (is_array($data))

Add following code:

$config = JCommentsFactory::getConfig();
JForm::addFormPath(JPATH_COMPONENT . '/models/forms');
JForm::addFieldPath(JPATH_COMPONENT . '/models/fields');
$form = JForm::getInstance('jcomments.permissions', 'permissions', array('control' => ''), false, '/permissions');
foreach ($form->getFieldsets() as $fieldset) {
foreach ($form->getFieldset($fieldset->name) as $field) {
$key = $field->fieldname;
if (!isset($data[$key])) {
$data[$key] = '';


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