Kunena forum by default adds "Powered by Kunena Forum" credit link in the footer of every forum's page.

credit link "Powered by Kunena Forum"

While this is a fair way to say "thank you" to developers for their hard work (and Kunena team specifically asks not to remove their credit link) you may have valid reasons why you choose to edit or completely remove it. GPL license does not prohibit removal of the visible backlinks.

Powered by Kunena Forum text is inserted by code in following file:



Scroll down to line 389 and you will find code:

final public function poweredBy() {
$credits = '';
$credits .= JHTML::_('kunenaforum.link', 'index.php?option=com_kunena&view=credits', JText::_('COM_KUNENA_POWEREDBY'), '', '', 'follow', array('style'=>'display: inline; visibility: visible; text-decoration: none;'));
$credits .= ' '.JText::_('COM_KUNENA').'';
if ($this->ktemplate->params->get('templatebyText')) {
$credits .= ' :: ' . $this->ktemplate->params->get('templatebyText') .' '. $this->ktemplate->params->get('templatebyName') .'';
$credits .= '</div>';
echo $credits;

There actually are two links:  Powered by and Kunena Forum

If you want to remove the links completely simply comment line 397 echo $credits;
// echo $credits;

If you want to modify text look and feel, add your css tags to lines 391 and 392, just after text-decoration: none; For example, if you wanted credit links text to be light grey you could add color: #EEEEEE;

Tested on Kunena 2.0.1

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