Reboot Linksys / Cisco SPA VOIP Phones remotely

Cisco SPA 504G

One annoying thing with configuring Linksys or Cisco SPA VOIP phones remotely is that web administration interface doesn't have option to reboot the phone. There is a little trick which allows to do exactly this though. Simply add /admin/reboot to the phone's IP in web URL (e.g. and providing there are no active calls, phone will reboot.

SPA will reboot when it is idle

Tested on:
Linksys SPA942
Linksys SPA962
Cisco SPA504G


# ZenMasta 2013-05-16 18:37
Nice tip, but if only there was a way to force the reboot. Been trying to admin this device remotely today, I know it is idle (my home office extension) but it is not rebooting.
# admin 2013-05-16 21:01
But this is exactly what this link does...
Just make sure you are logged on as admin and there are no active calls.


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