List all Joomla rated / voted articles

Joomla built in rating / voting plugin allows visitors to vote on your articles. You can view ratings in the front end at the top of each article, but there is no easy way to see all rated articles in one place. This can be done using a simple SQL query.

This assumes that you are using phpMyAdmin:

  1. Login into your Joomla site phpMyAdmin control panel.
  2. On left hand side click on your website database.
  3. Click on SQL tab
  4. Paste following SQL query and press Go

    SELECT AS ID, title AS Title, rating_sum / rating_count AS Rating, rating_count AS Count, rating_sum AS Sum
    FROM jos_content_rating
    LEFT JOIN jos_content AS Content ON id = content_id
    ORDER BY id

Change your database table prefix from jos_ to whatever you have in your database.

The query will return a table with:
Article ID
Article Title
Current Rating
Number of Votes
Rating Sum

Sorted by Article ID. You can click on column headings to sort by different criteria.

To avoid having manually copy and paste SQL query every time, your can save it as a view, by clicking Create View at the bottom of the page. View will be displayed in your database tables list.


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