Normally you can’t place module within articles. However there is easy workaround which allows you to do exactly this.

  1. Customize your Module
    Extensions > Module Manager  > [your module]
    Customize your module as required.
    Then go to Position field, delete existing entry and type your own custom position e.g. content_my_module. You can type pretty much any name, but don’t use existing built in positions such as left, right, top, user1, etc.
    Save module
  2. Enable "Load Module" Plugin
    Extensions > Plugin manager > Content - Load Module
    Make sure plugin is enabled and Style is set to No wrapping (raw output)
    Save Plugin
  3. Open your article and in place where you want the module to appear type where content_my_module is position name you created in step 2
Joomla 1.5

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