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Brother MFC-L2710DW printer purchased in Italy and user can’t find a way to change printer menu language from Italian to English.
According to the Brother support website, language can be changed in Menu > Initial Setup > Local Language. However, this printer does not have a Local Language option in the Initial Setup.


It appears that certain Brother models are locked to a single language, but it is still possible to change it in Maintenance Mode.

Please follow the below instructions at your own risk. This may not work as expected with different Bother models or even different firmware versions. If the country code doesn’t look like in the table below, don’t proceed!

  • Put printer into Maintenance mode:
    Menu > Start (Green button) > Up (4 times)
  • Enter code 74
    It will display the current language code. In our case it was 0A16 (Italy)
  • Change the language code 0A04 for the UK. For different languages see the table below.
  • Enter code 99 to exit Maintenance mode

Brother MFC-L2710DW Country Codes

August 2022
Brother MFC-L2710DW 


  • this article saved me. In my case, it's the German version. I contacted Brother customer support, and they also suggested these steps. But they gave me the wrong country code, which is 0953. This is wrong and makes the printer lose the Wi-fi connection! I printed the report from the maintenance mode by pressing code 77, it shows the MFC-L2710DN!!

    I then put the code back to the initial country code 0A53 (Germany). To make the "A", I followed the instruction link suggested by this blog admin, by pressing # and then 0.

    When I confirmed to Brother Supports, they said, unfortunately, there's no way to change the language to English for a printer that is sold in Germany and Austria. The initial language menu selection only shows Deutschland (Germany) or Österreich (Austria). They suggested I contact their service partners who MIGHT BE ABLE to change it (but I don't have faith in it).

    I think if we could find the correct firmware, it could be done. I'm using version ZA2211160120 (12.01.2023).

  • J’ai bcp galéré pour y arriver moi aussi avec la même imprimante Pour le code et la manipulation, la solution se trouve ici page 5-  Le code pour avoir accès à la langue française est : 7004
    • *** Last minute update.

      I tried once more to change to 0904 code, and when I search once again the LCD network option, this time it was there(!!).

      Printer this time identified itself correctly, when I got-in the browser in the IP address I gave to.

      So, problem solved, without having a clue what it caused it initially.

    • First of all, thank you very much for the prompt reply.

      This is the DN model and has different country codes (although it has the very same problem). No "A" is available, even when I tried the #1 key-stroke (first # and then 1 in the second digit position). 

      Thanks also for the link. Although it was for DW model, it describes exactly the same symptoms and I had already done what they mention (as I wrote you yesterday plus the "#1" for "A", that I tried today).

      I guess I reached the dead-end indeed. Do you know any official Brother's link to report my issue?

  • I bought the MCF-L2710DN Brother Printer and during unboxing I discovered that the LCD display was in Italian language. After translation, I found that there is no option to change the language on LCD display. So I found the alternate option through "Maintenance" mode.

    After change the language into maintenance mode to english (option 0904), printer lost the IP communication, and also lost the option to change the IP address on LCD display. Also, when I restore the connection with USB, I found that printer identified itself as another model (DSP something).

    I am in dead-end.

    Do you have any alternate to share?

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