Traffic and Weather watchface display is divided in 3 areas:

1. Top area:
● Bluetooth connection status
● Battery charge level
● Current time
● Current date

2. Middle area:
● Driving time to your chosen address (taking into account current traffic conditions). If you are at home, it will show driving time to your work address. If you are not at home, it will show driving time to your home address. Home and work addresses need to be entered in watchface settings.
● Driving distance and average driving time to the above address (without taking into account current traffic conditions).
● Last travel info update status.
● Last travel info update time.

3 Bottom area:
● Current weather conditions.
● Last weather update status.
● Last weather update time.

Weather information is provided by Open Weather Map. Travel and traffic information is provided by Google Maps.
It's recommender that you get your own (free) Google Maps API key, since built-in key regularly hits daily 2,5000 limit (when this happens you will see message "query limit exceeded"). They key can entered in settings and instruction on how to obtain it can be found here.

Distance can be displayed in miles or kilometres; Temperature - in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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