Arduino - Calculate Person's Age in Years, Months, Days

Here is code I recently used to calculate persons age in Years, Months, and Days on Arduino:

#include "RTClib.h"
RTC_DS3231 rtc; // Using DS3231 Real Time Clock 
DateTime now =; // Current Date and Time
DateTime dob = DateTime(1984,8,16,0,0,0); // Date of Birth (1984.08.16 00:00:00)
int t0 = dob.year() * 12 + dob.month() - 1;
int t = now.year() * 12 + now.month() - 1;
int dm = t - t0;
int Y;
int M;
int D;
//Calculate age in Y/M/D
if( >={
  Y = floor(dm/12);
  M = dm % 12;
  D = -;
else {
  Y = floor(dm/12);
  M = dm % 12;
  DateTime tmp = DateTime(floor(t/12),(t%12)+1,,0,0,0);
  D = (now.unixtime() - tmp.unixtime())/60/60/24;


The WIFI_SERVICE must be looked up on the Application context...


Generating signed APK in Android Studio 2.3 fails with following error:

Error: The WIFI_SERVICE must be looked up on the Application context or memory will leak on devices < Android N. Try changing  to .getApplicationContext()  [WifiManagerLeak]

ListView Pop-Up Context Menu broken in Android 7 (API 24)


ListView context menu pop-up doesn't work properly in Android 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat (API 24 and API 25).

Instead of the full menu appearing in the middle of the screen, it now appears collapsed to a single item and either at the very top or at the very bottom of the screen.

Here is the expected behaviour:

Here is how the context menu looks in Android 7.1.1:

The app uses library and Theme.Holo.Light theme.


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