Following message regularly appears in Samsung Galaxy Notifications:

Log in to sync Facebook with your other applications

Log in to sync Facebook with your other applications

When you tap on the message it opens a page with Facebook logo asking you to login into Facebook or create a new account. This is rather misleading as this message and page has nothing to do with Facebook app. It is actually coming from SNS (Social Networking Service) app that is pre-installed on Galaxy phones that Samsung uses it to sync social network information with some other apps.

If you don't need this functionality you can disable it:

  • Go to Settings > Application Manger > All
  • Find SNS app that has Facebook logo and tap on it
    Samsung Note 3 Application Manager
  • First tap on Force Stop and then on Disable
    SNS Application
  • You are done. This message should no longer appear

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Note 3

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