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The benefits of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) are pretty obvious and this should be enabled everywhere and every time.

However, as an admin, you quite often have to log in as a user in order to troubleshoot yet another issue, and in those cases, MFA can be a right pain in the backside...



Often recommended way to temporarily disable MFA / Second Factor Authentication for a single user is to use Condition Access (Microsoft Entra Admin Centre > Protection > Conditional Access). Unfortunately, this requires a Microsoft Entra Premium license and not all organisations have this.

Another way to temporarily bypass MFA is to use the Temporary Acces Pass:

  • First of all, make sure that Temporary Access Pass authentication method is enabled for all (or relevant) users in Microsoft Entra Admin Centre > Identity > Protection > Authentication Methods.
  • Navigate to Microsoft Entra Admin Centre > Identity > Users > All Users > [User Name] > Authentication Methods > Add authentication method > Temporary Access Pass > Add.
    This will generate a temporary access password.
  • Go to and try to log in as the end user. You will be prompted to enter the Temporary Access Pass.
    Temporary Access Pass


October 2023
Microsoft Office 365
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