A user keeps being removed from Office 365 Teams Group for no apparent reason. The group admin keeps re-adding the user, but within 12-48 hours the user disappears from the group members list again.

Azure Audit Logs show the user being removed but without any explanation of why this happened.

Azure Audit Logs

Activity Type: Remove member from group
Category Type: GroupMembership
Status: Success
Type: Application
Display Name: Microsoft Teams Services
User-Agent: SkypeSpaces/1.0a$*+




After further investigation, it appeared that the user in question was listed in Office 365 under Shared Mailboxes, even though they had a full Office 365 license and could log in to Email, Teams, and other Microsoft services. The most likely reason is that the user had previously left the organisation. Their account was deleted, but then shortly after the user re-joined the company and their account was re-activated.

After converting the shared mailbox to a normal user mailbox the issue went away.


February 2023
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Teams


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  • Thanks so much - same problem here. For whatever reason this user was a "Shared Mailbox" with licenses. I was searching for days what's happening here and your post gave me the solution :-)

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