Before selling my old Peugeot 206, I removed my Kenwood stereo and I put back original Peugeot radio, model: Clarion PU-2325A(B). Bad news was that the radio was now locked and demanded a 4 digit unlock code. I could not find this code in any of the paperwork that came with the car so resorted to the Internet and Google...

After some Googling and browsing through very old forums I found a little utility (clarion.exe) that did exactly what I needed.

Simply enter last 4 digits from the stereo barcode and it will calculate the unlock code!

The barcode can be found on stereo body and is on a format C7000000XXXX

clarion.exe can be downloaded from here. I run it through scan and none of 57 antivirus products found anything suspicious. However, since I don't know exact source of this program, run it at your own risk. By the way, Home icon in the program links to, but I could not find any references to this particular program on their website...

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