All steps need to be completed on a Mac computer.

  1. Download Mac OS X (Yosemite) from Apple App Store
    Apple App Store
  2. Once the download is completed, go to Finder > Applications and note the downloaded installer name.
    Install OS X Yosemite
  3. Plug-in an empty USB flash drive (at least 8GB) and note it's name.
  4. Launch Terminal and issue the following command:
    sudo "/Applications/Install OS X" --volume "/Volumes/USB Drive" --applicationpath "/Applications/Install OS X" --nointeraction
    USB Drive - USB drive name as it appears when mounted
    Install OS X Yosemite - Downloaded installer name as it appears in Applications
  5. Enter your password and wait 5-10 minutes for the process to complete

You should now have a bootable OS X Yosemite installation Flash drive. To show an option to boot from the USB drive, hold Options/Alt key when starting your Mac.


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