Synology DS916+

Finder on M1 Max Mac Studio 2022 hangs and crashes when performing certain file operations on Synology DiskStation 916+ NAS shares. Users can browse and open files on the NAS normally. However, when trying to save a new file from certain applications, the file is saved with no issues, but when trying to open, or just preview the new file, Finder becomes unresponsive for about a minute and then crashes. After Finder is re-opened everything is working fine again.

The issue doesn't affect older Macs with Intel processors.




The issue was resolved by disabling the AFP protocol on the Synology NAS. AFP or Apple Filing Protocol used to be the primary Apple File Services protocol, but it has been deprecated and superseded by SMB.

Disable AFP on Synology NAS

March 2023
Mac Studio M1 Max 2022
Synology DS916+

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