MacBook Pro running 2 external screens via DisplayLink Manager enabled USB dock doesn't play videos in web browsers (Chrome and Edge). The sound is played normally, but videos only display a black screen.


The issue was resolved by disabling "Hardware Acceleration" in browser settings.

In Google Chrome this can be found in: Settings > System

In Microsoft Edge this can be found in: Settings > System and Performance

 Hardware Acceleration

September 2022
DisplayLink Manager 1.7.1
MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2014)
macOS Big Sur (11.6)


  • This is not an option in Safari either. Iv seen post going as far back as 2012. How has Display link not fixed this issue yet. I use a uSB C docking station for work to add 3 additional screen and can. only use youtube no other service displays video only audto due to display link using screen recording process in the background.

  • Hardware Acceleration is not an option in the Apple TV OS App, so this solution doesn't work for that application.  Is there a system-wide solution, not an app-based solution?

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