VMware vSphere error - Reset System Health for One or More Sensors


VMware ESXi vSphere client host Health Status (Configuration tab) shows Unknown and Question marks (?) next to each component.

VMware ESXi vSphere - Sensors

Trying to Reset Sensors fails with error:

VMware ESXi Reset Sensors error

A general system error occurred: Reset System Health Failed for One or More Sensors
Call "HostHealthStatusSystem.ResetSystemHealthInfo" for object "healthStatusSystem" on ESXi <server> failed."


Issue was resolved by restarting CIM Server.

  • Go to Configuration tab > Security Profile (in Software section)
  • Click on Properties (next to Firewall section) 
  • Select CIM Server and click Options
  • and then Restart

DELL PowerEdge 2950
VMware ESXi 5.0


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