Sophos Central - Block all websites except white-listed

Following instructions allow to block all web access for a particular user, except few manually whitelisted websites. All actions are performed in the Sophos Central Admin web console.

  • Go to Endpoint Protection > Settings > Website Management and add all websites you want to allow. Make sure to add a tag.
    Sophos Central - Add website customization
  • While still in Endpoint Protection section go to Policies and add a new Web Control policy
    Sophos Central - Add Policy
  • Modify the new policy as follows:
    • Under Users add all users that web block will apply to.
    • Under Settings
      • Web Control - Enabled
      • Additional security options - Let me specify - set all categories to Block
      • Acceptable web usage - Let me specify - set all categories to Block
      • Log web control events - Enabled
      • Control sites tagged in Website Management - click Add New and select the tag you added in the first step for whitelisted websites.
        Sophos Central - Modify Policy
    • Under Policy Enforced make sure Policy is enforced is enabled.
  • Click Save

That's it. In my experience policy is applied pretty much immediately after clicking Save. If you make any changes to the whitelist (under Settings > Website Management), open the Web Control policy and save it without making any changes to re-apply the policy to clients.

June 2019
Sophos Endpoint Protection
Sophos Central Admin
Windows 10 Pro


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