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My name is Arunas and I have been running this website since around 2009. During (and before) this time I have been working as an IT Support Technician, Network / System Administrator, IT Manager and in a few other related roles. Currently, I run my own IT support/consultancy business providing IT services to small/medium businesses in the Oxford area (UK).

When dealing with slightly unusual IT issues, I always like to record the steps taken to resolve the problem, so I can refer back if I hit something similar in the future. Initially, I was simply recording this information locally, in Word documents, OneNote, etc. Over time the size of this "database" got bigger and bigger, which made it difficult to find anything. There was also an issue accessing info when I was out and about.

Then came the idea to create a website so I could access my IT Support records from anywhere. In the beginning, it was private, but eventually (after ensuring any info related to my clients was anonymized) I made it public. This was still with the primary purpose of making access easier for myself, but over time the website got indexed by Google and more and more people started finding it when searching for their own IT issues. Currently, there are over 1000 articles about all sorts of IT issues, including those that I have long forgotten about ever dealing with. It's not unusual for me to search for some obscure issue on Google and find a link back to my own website! I guess my memory is not what it once was 😀.

At some point I put Google Adsense adverts on the website (sorry about that... and feel free to use Adblocker 😉). It's not a big money maker but pays for hosting. Actually, advert revenue went down significantly over the last few years, I believe that's pretty universal across the web...

If this website helped you, feel free to use the donate link below or just drop me a message.


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